Battle between Uddhav and Shinde for ownership of Shiv Sena



Between the political crisis in Maharashtra, trouble for Udhhav Thackrey is rising continuously as there are discussion going on in the state as who will be the owner of Bala Saheb Thackrey’s party because rebel MLA Eknath Shinde says to get the support of 40 Shiv Sena’s MLAs out of total 55 and puts a claim on the name and symbol of the party as the real owner of the party.

Considering the situation and if go by what people at ground says there are surety that party is going to be divided, now the matters stuck at who will be having the ownership of Shiv Sena.

How a party ownership is decided at the time of rebellion and divisions
When the two third of the sitting MLAs of a party parts away and put the claim on the party or forms a new party or join another party together then they cannot be tried under Anti- defection law and can claim the ownership of the party which later is decided by the Election Commission.

When Anti- defection law applies for disqualification
If an elected MLA or MP gives up his membership of the political party from which he/she is elected.
If he/she votes or abstain from voting in the legislature or parliament in contrary to the direction given by the party’s whip.
If any independently elected member joins any political party.
If any nominated member joins any political party after the expiry of 6 months from the date on which he was nominated.
Earlier divisions of Shiv Sena
In 1991 Chagan Bhujbal not only left Shiv Sena, but went to NCP with 8 MLAs.
Narayan Rane’s stature got increased after Bhujbal left, Rane became CM in 1999 but due to empowering of Uddhav Thackrey in the form of Party’s Executive Chairman, Rane rebelled and joined congress with 10 MLAs with him in 2005.
Again due to more importance being given to Uddhav by Bala Saheb Thackrey, his cousin Raj Thackrey felt sidelined and left the party with thousands of party workers in 2006.

Meanwhile there talks of being Shinde supporting BJP to form government by bringing no confidence motion, till now the government is still being run by MVA and no claim of party ownership has been given to the Election Commission and its being wait and watch moment at the ongoing situation that whether Uddhav will be able to prove his support or Shinde and group will be successful in getting the claims of the party.

Written by Shuvam Choubey


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