• GenZ and Its Ways0

    We always hear our parents say that, “if only we would have gotten the opportunities that you are getting, we could have reached immense heights.” This means that we hold power this generation has got all the resources and power to make change, and this puts this generation out of the box. Every generation has

  • Scientific benefits behind Journaling0

    The Idea of self-Improvement becoming more and more popular makes me curious about the ways people can go about it. Like me, you might have heard that journaling every day can bring a lot of benefits. But is this true? What can writing a couple of pages a day really do for you? Now when

  • Effects of Pregnancy0

    Muscles and joints shift and jostle. The heart’s pounding rhythm speeds up. Blood roars thru arteries and veins. Over the course of being pregnant, each organ withinside the body changes. Ignited through a variety of hormones, those changes start as quickly as pregnancy begins. Just days after fertilization, the embryo implants withinside the lining of


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