Born Again : A Poem of Hope and Renewed Faith

Born Again : A Poem of Hope and Renewed Faith


Born Again

I want to be born again
want to take a rebirth
want to start everything with a new beginning
want to forget everything
Everything which showed me the dark room
Things which left me in the forest alone
Things which forced me to cry
Or things which showed me the cruel world
I want to watch the world with the new eyes
With nothing in mind
with no memory
Just want to watch the room with the sunlight
want to watch the forest with the beautiful trees where birds are chirping
want to watch babies taking birth
Want to trust people whether its Ceaser or Brutus
Now I want to start it again
I want to be born again


A Poem of Hope and Renewed Faith


Pacific ocean or Indian ocean
There is water all over the place
I got my own ocean
The ocean is inside me
I try and struggle to keep it inside me
I don’t want it poured onto the floor in front of anyone except me
I’m afraid of the ocean which is inside me
the fear of drowning
I’m not sure about the time
but I am sure if I drown and not survive even if you dive you will not find
I should warn you before I dive
don’t follow me
Lest it will trap you
Like it has entrapped me

       By- Sakshi Bhadula


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