We always hear our parents say that, “if only we would have gotten the opportunities that you are getting, we could have reached immense heights.” This means that we hold power this generation has got all the resources and power to make change, and this puts this generation out of the box. Every generation has a certain group of individuals who change the way humans behave. For example, we all know the contribution of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh and what all they did to change our situation.

Can you begin to imagine the impact these leaders of the past would have had if only they were born as Gen Z. This generation between 1995 to 2015 has become the first limitless generation, a generation who no longer need to create a complete plan in order to influence thousands of people, we just create a tweet or post. Can you think of the power this holds? Every single gender has a platform with which they can voice their opinion and ideas. You only have to open your phone and you can easily see any of your mates talking about a subject as if he or she is an expert about it. This power alone puts our entire generation out of the box.

WHY? The answer is simple our parents grew up listening to stuff like “you will be seen but not be heard”. Whereas our generation can reach a thousand people with just a click. So, instantly this makes our generation super different. But what does it mean for a gen z? well it means that for the first time ever we are able to pursue our passions at any location at any time with any identity, but most importantly at any uncapped level.

Now education is more accessible than ever before, everyone you know has be educated by the school of YouTube for free of charge. This obviously implies that if you have a passion, you can pursue it. Education and money are less of a hurdle now. Talking about it we know that in the past for pursuing a passion we needed connections in that particular industry if we talk specifically about art. But now, now we see genZ grow huge following and gain huge success from their bedrooms, a bedroom that probably is in their parents’ house. These individuals are not just artists but they have multiple talents they know editing, social media managements, SEO, marketing everything without leaving their bedrooms. We no longer need to make connections and depend on other people we are our own team and our own support.

We see everyday loads and loads of teens uploading videos on the internet and getting thousands of views and likes that means for the first time a young individual is able to derive an income from their passion. Earlier if a person is 16 who wanted to make an income from his/her passion, that person would have to hustle and drag his way to a certain point known to be begging. But now we don’t need to ask, our passions are seen by enough people to be deserving of an earning and have its own rights. We are following out dreams and our dreams are subsequently gaining us a following and providing us a path to success.

This new world is moulding us into these mini trailblazers and we don’t even realise it, because it’s all natural to us. Everywhere imaginable issue, a gen zetta is running a campaign of some sort Ocean Plastic, Mental Health, Animal Rights you name it, there is a gen zetta promoting and unifying the voice of young people. But what makes GenZ so different? GenZ has the platform and opportunity to create, learn, try, fail and publish in an easier way than ever before, which means that GenZ is developing skills and traits that other kids of our age have never historically been able to develop. This new world around is moulding youngsters into more mature human beings, we are able to pursue our passions in a more impactful way than ever before.

Written by : ANINDITA AICH



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