Innocence Lost: The First Glimpse of Love

Innocence Lost: The First Glimpse of Love


The moment I saw you for the first time,

We both were non-existent for each other,

We were juvenile..

Perching at the neck of the woods of the same boat…

The story of two miserable Islands…

Lost in a textation-ship establishing a situation-ship..

The bond we made, the flash we shared..

Enjoyed every bit of it..

The chord was heavenly..

I fell for you, but you did not…



There was a Deep Silence, In the Dark..

Her heart was throbbing, was shattered..

She was trying her best.. Didn’t know, What to do? Where to go?

To Break this Silence.. Opening up with the Close Ones & Trusted Ones made her a little relieved..



The White Bright Light.. Entering my Solitariness.. Trying to Make a path to my lil heart..

The Light was asking for something,

Something I had no inkling of..

The Light was Bright but Crammed with Darkness & Mysteries…


I’m tired..

My back hurts..

I’m bloated..

I look terrible..

Stinking like a surströmming..

Sweat is drippin’ all over me.. But even with all these things,

the way you give a glance at me..

That moment is Heavenly..

Rest of the day goes pretty well… 🙂

Insha Rahman, Poetess


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