Jagdishwar Nigam had given independence to Ballia in 1942 itself: Indresh Kumar


On the completion of 75 years of independence, the country is celebrating it as Amrit Mahotsav. In this episode, the book “The Administrator – Jagdishwar Nigam vs British Raj 19 August 1942” was released at ITC Maurya Hotel in Delhi. The book was released by Indresh Kumar, a senior pracharak of the Sangh and a founding member of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch. On the release, the Sangh leader said that it is a matter of great pride that we are getting an opportunity to remember such revolutionary officers on the elixir of freedom. He said that the memories of Jagdishwar Nigam have been brought alive in the book Administrator. The Sangh leader said that even though the country got independence in 1947, Ballia became independent only in 1942 due to the revolutionary Jagdishwar Nigam.

Referring to the book, Indresh Kumar said that this book has been written on such a true incident which shook the heart of the British government. ICS officer Jagdishwar Nigam took a historic step after Gandhiji announced the non-cooperation movement.

Guests from all over the country and abroad, including MP from Ballia, UP, Virendra Singh attended the launch ceremony. Prominent among which were Zimbabwe, Palestine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mongolia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, European Union ambassadors and representatives and everyone appreciated Jagdishwar Nigam. At the same time, everyone in one voice called it a step for peace. The foreign ambassadors and representatives also stressed on world peace and India’s role. Jagdishwar Nigam’s entire family was present at the launch and everyone was excited to see the excitement. The family members remembered the former ICS officer very emotional.

This book is written on the collector Jagdishwar Nigam posted in Ballia in 1942 during the British Raj, who had made the first administrative rebellion in 1942 during the British Quit India Movement. Which the British rule named Jagdishwar Nigam as the rebel Ballia. Jagdishwar Nigam, a 1923-batch ICS officer, was posted as a collector in Ballia and shook the flag of British rule by hoisting the tricolor on his government collectorate against the British rule.

This book has been written by Raj Darbari and Janice Darbari, both granddaughters of Jagdishwar Nigam. Both have compiled in book form the interesting facts told by their mother and Jagdishwar Nigam’s daughter Sheela Darbari. The book has also been appreciated by the megastar of the century Amitabh Bachchan and congratulated his family for playing a leading role in Jagdishwar Nigam’s Quit India movement and making his biography accessible to the common man in book form.

Indresh Kumar lashed out at the opposition and said that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is like Surya who will injure himself if he tries to throw stones at him. Taking a dig at the opposition’s ruckus, he said that it is an attempt to waste the proceedings of the House and the time of the House. The country is continuously moving forward on the path of development in which everyone’s cooperation and contribution is necessary.


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