Nationwide “Ram Jan Survey” of Ayurveda Foundation Charitable Trust and MRM: Muslims said, Jai Siya Ram

ram jan survey

Ram Jan Survey is the biggest survey among Muslims: Ram is in everyone soul , Disruptive forces should not defame Islam


Survey: Muslims admitted, Modi has raised Nation’s respect in the world


New Delhi, 13 January. Nationalist Muslim organization Muslim Rashtriya Manch conducted the largest ever survey (Ram Jan Survey) among the Muslims of the country through “Ayurveda Foundation Charitable Trust”, an independent research and survey company of Gujarat.

The nationwide survey was named “Ram Jan Survey“. The purpose of the survey was to know what is the opinion of Muslims regarding Shri Ram/Jai Siya Ram/Maryada Purushottam? What is the opinion of the country’s Muslims towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi government? How correct and justified is the way the image of Muslims and Islam is talked about?


It came out in the survey that Ram is present in every corner of the people and Narendra Modi is the most successful Prime Minister of India, whose words not only India but the whole world listens to and accepts. During the survey, countless Muslims openly said Jai Shri Ram. Another thing that came out in the survey is that the so-called Ulemas, Maulanas and opposition leaders who are trying to earn their political fortunes in the name of Islam should be completely boycotted. Detailed information about the survey was given by Shahid Sayeed, National media in-charge of Muslim Rashtriya Manch.

ram jan survey

Ram Jan Survey Study Group

Ayurveda Foundation Charitable Trust’s survey study was conducted by Mohammed Afzal, National Convener of Muslim Rashtriya Manch, Shahid Akhtar, Dr. Majid Talikoti, Raza Hussain Rizvi, Women’s Wing Head Shalini Ali, Youth and Intellectual Cell Head Khurshid Razaka, Delhi Province Convenor Haji Mohammad Sabreen, Co-Convenor. Professor Imran Choudhary, Faiz Khan, Convenor of Cow Seva, Seva and Environment Cell, Shiraz Qureshi, Convenor of Bharat First, Bilal Ur Rehman, Convenor of Hindustan First Hindustani Best and other seniors did it.


Why survey is needed?

Why was there a need for a survey because today India is standing at a point where a line is clearly visible. And that is the power that always creates peace, reconciliation, harmony, love, unity, integrity, uniformity, parity, equality and harmony among Hindus and Muslims, which is engaged in public service considering Ram as a symbol of faith. Who wants a fear free, corruption free, untouchability free, riot free, terror free, poverty free, love jihad free and conversion free country. On the other hand, there are some people in the country with such destructive and disruptive thinking who are engaged in spreading hatred instead of love. Their faces are sometimes in the form of Maulana Madani, sometimes in the form of Owaisi, sometimes in the form of Badruddin Ajmal, sometimes in the form of Akhilesh Yadav, sometimes in the form of Lalu Yadav, sometimes in the form of Congress leaders and sometimes NCP emerged from the womb of Congress. Will be seen as leaders.


Surprising Element

The surprising thing is that this second section is engaged day and night in defaming Islam by making political gains in the name of 30 crore Muslims. Such a large population of the country has been continuously intimidated in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP and Sangh. In such a situation, it is important to know what the Muslim himself wants? Do Muslims want to present such an image in front of the whole world which makes Islam look tainted and criminal? Or do Muslims look at Sangh and BJP as untouchables? Are the opposition parties really well-wishers of Muslims? In such a situation, “Ram Jan Survey” is not only a survey conducted in the national interest but also for the purity of the world’s unique religion which gives the message of truth, humanity and love. It was also important to know through the survey whether Sangh, BJP and BJP governments (Centre and State) are anti-Muslim?

ram jan survey

Ram Jan Survey Sample Size

Ayurveda Foundation Charitable Trust has conducted the survey in Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Bengaluru, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and North Survey conducted among 10,000 people in eastern states. In the survey, 74 percent Muslims openly gave their opinion in favor of Ram Mandir and 72 percent Muslims gave their opinion in favor of Modi government. 26 percent Muslims expressed no confidence in the Modi government and talked about religious fanaticism. These people admitted that Ram is a question of faith but they do not think that they will ever go to Ram temple, nor do they trust the Modi government. According to the survey, the main things that came out are as follows: –

ram jan survey


What is the opinion of the country’s Muslims

1- 74% Muslims are happy with the construction of the temple.

2- 70% Muslims trust Modi government

3- 72% Muslims agreed, opposition has no issue

4- 70% Muslims feel that India has emerged as a world power.


Muslims agreed, Modi changed the country

1- Muslims are safer under Modi rule

2- Equal opportunity for development for all in Modi government

3- Trust in BJP increased because of PM Modi

4- Muslims do not mind Modi & BJP


Temple construction in Ayodhya, Muslims said ‘Jai Shri Ram’

1- Ram temple in Ayodhya is the center of faith of Hindus.

2- The faith of the majority population should be respected

3- Construction of the temple will reduce the distance between Hindus and Muslims.

4- Democracy strengthened by the court’s decision


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Ram Jan Survey findings

The Muslims of the country believe that the Modi government has done countless excellent works, from the construction of Ram Temple to the removal of Section 370, 35A, ban on cow service to making the law on triple talaq.

It was also revealed in the survey that Muslims have got benefits ranging from Jan Dhan Yojana to Izzat Ghar i.e. toilet construction, Ujjwala Yojana, free ration to Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The common Muslims, intellectuals, Ulemas and Maulanas of the country believe that for years they have been silently intimidated in the name of RSS and BJP. He said that Muslims should come forward and launch a historic campaign to establish trust in BJP and Modi government.

Muslims also acknowledged that the negativity spread among them by political parties against RSS and BJP was dashed by the campaign of Muslim Rashtriya Manch led by Indresh Kumar and the speeches, behavior and actions of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and the actions of the Modi government. Is done. The Muslims of the country believe that Ram belongs to everyone and everyone belongs to Ram. Therefore, it is necessary to give a befitting reply to those disruptive forces who are trying to spoil the atmosphere of the country in the name of Ram.

Muslims also openly said that in Islam, worshiping in a mosque which was built by demolishing a holy place of another religion is haraam. He said that Babri Masjid was built by demolishing the temple of Ram Lala, which was a nefarious and criminal step. But by ending the fight that has been going on for many years, the Supreme Court has done justice to everyone and the preparations made by the Modi government for the consecration of Ram Lala by building a temple are welcome. The country will always celebrate Ram Lala’s enthronement like a festival and the Muslim community will also participate enthusiastically in it.

In the survey, a large section believed that fundamentalism should be completely ended in the country. The country should move ahead with peace and tranquility, with development and trust. Muslims believe that they are the safest under Modi rule and because of Modi, their trust in BJP has increased. Muslims believed that the court’s decision on the temple had strengthened democracy. Muslims also believed that the opposition was without issue.


What did the Muslims say?

Former Railway Board member Reshma Hussain, resident of pink city Jaipur, believes that Ram Temple is a matter of pride and the Muslim brothers of the country should accept it and maintain love for it. Former Chairman of Rajasthan Madrasa Board, Abu Bakar Naqvi, resident of Tonk, believes that the center of faith for 140 crore Sanatani brothers, Ram Mandir, which has been built as a national temple, should be respected by all the countrymen. Chittorgarh businessman Abid Sheikh says that strict action should be taken against those people who are trying to spoil the environment of the country.


Naushad Alam, a resident of Patna Raja Bazaar, said that the construction of Ram temple ended years of Hindu-Muslim conflict. Mohd. Abrar alias Pappu, resident of Siwan Hussainganj, said that the court’s decision should be respected, this will strengthen democracy. Joli Saheb of Katihar said that there is no harm to Muslims by the construction of Ram temple.


Mohammed Danish of Purnia Dulhan Bazaar said that the burning issue of the political party of India has ended with the construction of Ram temple. Sahil Ansari of Begusarai Barauni congratulated Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for the construction of Ram temple. Dilshad of Kishanganj Bandar Jhula said that the mosque should not be a place of controversy, its ending is a good thing for India.


Naeem Shaikh from Jodhpur, Irshad Chainwala from Udaipur, Irshad Khan from Kota, Sameer Khan from Churu, Dadu Khan from Sriganganagar, Mohammad Hanif alias Annu from Jaipur, Moin Khan from Ajmer, Ayub Kayamkhani from Bikaner, Ayub Rangrez from Bhilwara, Mohammad Raees Sawai from Madhopur, Anees Ahmed from Mohammad Shafi from Jhunjhunu, Abrar Ahmed from Alwar, Ahmed Dosa from Meraj Khan Chaksu, Mohammad Habib from Abu Road Sirohi, Jahangir Khan from Nagaur, Asif Ali from Jodhur and Naseem Bano from Jhunjhunu and Dr. Manohar Chaudhary, while expressing almost the same views, said that in Ayodhya Ram temple is a matter of unwavering faith. A faith that devotees maintained for centuries, even when the temple was no longer standing. Today the grand construction of Ram temple is going on and its consecration is going to take place.


Mohammad Aman, a resident of Ranchi Bariatu, said that Muslims should not have any objection to the construction of Ram temple because they have also got 5 acres of land for the mosque. Mohd. Laddan, a resident of Azad Nagar, Jamshedpur, said that there are many mosques in India which are deserted and Muslims should think about inhabiting those mosques.


Mohammed Laddu of Sahibganj Jirua Badi said that Muslims should not have any objection to the Ram temple because it is a court decision and the judiciary is the highest institution in India. Noori Khatun, a resident of Gonda Canal Chowk, says that there is no harm to Muslims due to the construction of Ram Temple, we should think about our education system and progress.


Businessman Thakur Raja Rais from Lucknow Hazratganj, Maulana Noman Khan Madrasa Jamia Islamia Hera Public School Sitapur, Sher Ali Khan Gola Gokarnath Kukra village, Usman Gani Bada Chauraha Kanpur, Jamshed Khan National School Dhantia Bareilly, Salman Yusuf Moradabad, Kamal Khan Akhtar Hafiz Madrasa. Farukia Unnao, Wasim Khan Madrasa Arabia Gorakhpur, Asifa Khatoon Teacher Deoria, Rahnuma Bano Kannauj Madrasa Teacher, Sanno Khan Kanpur Social Reformer, Arif Khan Advocate Unnao, Gulzar Begum NGO Founder Barabanki, Sunny Abbas Hussaini Trust Lucknow and RJDA Social Reformer Jhansi believe that Maryada Purushottam Ram is in every person and in every particle. The construction of Ram Temple is a symbol of a tireless struggle and any disruptive voice or force that comes forward should be given the harshest punishment for spoiling the atmosphere of the country and poisoning the color of faith.


Shamim Bano from Katni, Naseem Khan from Gorakhpur, Advocate Nusrat Jahan from Paharganj, Delhi, Amada Begum from Kashmiri Gate, Jamia, Professor Shadab Tabassum from Jamia, Arfa Rizwan from Nagpur, Azra Hussain from Pune, Ruby Bano from Secunderabad, Tasneem from Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad. Haider, Sajida Begum from Kolkata, Asadullah Khan from Guwahati, Mohnish Begum from Raipur, Tariq Ali from Bastar, Khurshid Khan, Tariq Riaz from Srinagar, Qazi Rehan, Afshan Khatoon from Navi Mumbai, Mohammad Hanif from Mumbai Bhindibazar, Atiq Ahmed from Dehradun, Mansoor Alam from Haridwar, Sajid Khan from Mysore, Akhlaq Usmani from Hyderabad, Sabir Ali from Bhopal, Parvez Khan from Indore, SK Issues from Gwalior believe that the opposition parties against the Sangh and the government have been trying to intimidate Muslims for years. Whereas the reality is that for the last almost ten years, the Central Government has shown that it is the only government for which development is paramount and Modi is the name of such a guarantee which is another name for the success and progress of the country.


Opinion of some Maulanas and Ulemas of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand & Chhattisgarh


Mufti Suleman of Kashipur: Some mischievous elements are spreading false rumors of dissatisfaction regarding the construction of Ram temple in the Muslim society, which is completely baseless. The Muslim community supports the construction of Raga Mandir.


Maulana Afroz of Bilaspur: India has always been the cradle of Ganga-Jamuni culture and the Muslim society fully respects the judiciary. Therefore, there is no point in opposing Ram temple.


Maulana Mukarram of Rudrapur: Muslim community promotes brotherhood. Therefore, there is no dissatisfaction among the Muslim community regarding the construction of Ram temple.


Mufti Raza of Haldwani: Muslim community is with the decision of the judiciary and we have no objection to the construction of Ram temple.


Maulana Mujahid of Rampur: Worship in Islam is not permissible on any disputed land. Therefore, Muslims are not against the construction of Ram temple.

Maulana Ibne Ali of Dehradun: There is no conflict regarding the construction of Ram temple.


Jamroha’s Mufti Muzzumil: Muslims promote brotherhood and are peace-loving, we are not against the construction of Ram temple.


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