Reshma lived a life of charity, not selfishness: Indresh Kumar


Those blessed and with pure soul are called upon by God sooner: Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

New Delhi, 9 May. Deeply condoling the untimely demise of Reshma Harbakhsh Singh, National General Secretary of Rashtriya Suraksha Jagran Manch

Senior RSS leader and chief patron of the organization Indresh Kumar said Reshma used to do “the best of the level” whenever she was given a responsibility. She was born with “moral values” and not with a “silver spoon”. Reshma lived a life of charity, not of selfishness.

Along with Indresh Kumar, Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, BJP leader Shyam Jaju, National Commission for Minorities Iqbal Singh Lalpura, former Punjab Haryana High Court Justice Pramod Kohli were also present.

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat praised Reshma Singh and described her as an integral part of his family. He said that Reshma ji was very jovial and a person who left an indelible mark in life. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said that even in God’s place great people are needed, this has been proved, that’s why Reshma ji left all of us in such a short time and went to the holy feet of God.




Indresh Kumar said that Reshma’s mother was the first to meet me and considered me a brother. Then his daughter Reshma met and she also considered me as her brother. Now the third generation of this family who are the children of Reshma also call me brother. Indresh Kumar told that Reshma had repeatedly told me that it is written in her horoscope that 55 or 56 years is the last age.

On this I told him four ways. Medical treatment, religious treatment, service treatment and not keeping the things that happened with people in heart, keep forgiving and do the work of apologizing if you have done something wrong to someone by mistake.

Remembering Reshma Singh, BJP leader Shyam Jaju told many important things related to her. He said that he worked with Reshma ji on many occasions for more than 20 years. He also recalled an important reference related to Reshma Singh while mentioning the program of Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat held recently at the Red Fort in Delhi.



Iqbal Singh Lalpura, Chairman, National Commission for Minorities remembered Reshma Singh and prayed for the peace of her soul. He said that the scriptures say that only one breath has life. We don’t know when we will leave. Whoever has come on earth is bound to leave this world. He said that I knew him only for two years. But the more I knew her, she was a patriotic woman with a big heart. His work will always shine, will be like a guide for us. He said that sister Reshma had a solution for every subject.

Senior IAS Rajeev Arora, who was Health Secretary Haryana, also mentioned many things while praising Reshma Singh. He recalled the time when Reshma ji was admitted in Medanta Hospital during the time of Kovid, then he got acquainted with Reshma ji and provided an important injection of Corona for her. She was a very lively woman.

Expressing deep condolences on her death, friends who studied with Reshma Singh described her as an inspirational woman. He said that Reshma was rich in versatility, who spent her whole life in the service of the country and society.


On this occasion, BJP, RSS, VHP, ABVP, Sanskar Bharti, Chitra Bharti, Rashtriya Suraksha Jagran Manch, Himalaya Parivar, Bharat Tibet Sahyog Manch, Muslim Rashtriya Manch, Hind Sena, Bharatiya Christian Manch and Reshma Singh and her family members from many states participated. Well wishers joined in. Hundreds of people paid heartfelt tributes. On this occasion, many people who worked with Reshma Singh bowed down to her with moist eyes.

The program started with prayer by Buddhist monks followed by Bhajan and Shanti recitation by Siddharth Mohan.

A great student of history, an ardent supporter of education, an extraordinary proponent of the Indian classical dance “Kathak”… Renowned social worker and “National General Secretary” of Rashtriya Suraksha Jagran Manch, an RSS organisation Reshma Harbakhsh Singh very courageous, combative And every heart was a dear personality.

Reshma Singh was the wife of an IAS officer. Then suddenly her husband died. Felt that the wheel of time would stop now and Reshma Singh, who had achieved success at every turn of life, might be lost somewhere in this moment of anguish.



But keeping himself restrained even in the harshest and gravest crisis of life, he always held the victorious flag because of his thinking, understanding, functionality, efficiency and tendency to never give up.

Reshma Singh’s husband Dr. Harbakhsh Singh was a senior IAS officer from Haryana and died suddenly in 2013. Despite the death of her husband, she provided higher education to both her sons Vikramaditya Singh and Singheshwar Singh and enabled them to stand on their own feet.

But sometimes God takes such tests in which a person loses even without wanting to. Something similar happened with Reshma Singh who lost the battle of life on 6th of this month due to pancreatic cancer at the age of just 56.




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