Symphony of Rain


All the drops of water

Water.. just water or tears shed from the sky. As the scorching sun, tortured the soil.

And the trees wailed vehemently

Clouds cried drops of tears to ail the victim.


And with time the drops grew heavier, and then heavier than ever, As the lover’s heart did break,

At the struck of midnight’s wishing stars. Endless slumbers of delusion

And finally, did the enchanted self wake.


Ripples on the roof of tin, Ripples on the road

Ripple in the bounded waters dictated by the dams, Level in the river rose.


The ever soothing greens Dusted as of now they are white The dry lifeless day

May end in a hydrated night.


The man who left with the sun ridding his head And responsibilities hitch-hiking on his limbs. She prayed dreams to those eyes

As Dreams in those eyes captured

The sparkle of the diamond beach in the same instance As they capture the dew drops frozen at birth on Everest’s peaking.

Retreat will be peaceful to him Sleepy will wait the night.

But the evening will extract its worth, At the day’s dimming light.


Diya Banerjee, Poetess


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