‘The real reason’ behind RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE


Following weeks of military buildup along the border of Ukraine, Russia launched attack on its neighbour on fab 24, 2022 the military flareup between Russia and Ukraine dates back to 2014. In January 2021, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to the US to let it join NATO(north Atlantic treaty organisation), a move that provoked Russia which has repeatedly demanded NATO to give up its military activities in eastern Europe and Ukraine.

At first, we believed the “threat” of invasion was just more fake news, Western propaganda. However, Putin surprised us (and the world) by turning the caricature into reality. Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a tragedy. This war should not have been started. Does anyone doubt that the deaths of so many people are upsetting, and morally wrong? We find it horrible. Sometimes, we find it hard to even read about it. We don’t like to see pictures of dead bodies, civilians suffering, or last messages to loved ones from those who died. Who does not feel moved by these things? One would need a heart of stone.

Col. Solanki , A Kargil war battalion soldier, said that “if we don’t end war ,war will end us”. Yes , this is so true . After all, it’s for the survival of the nation , a true soldier fight till his last breath. Yes, we should understand this  clearly: Russia does not want Ukraine to join NATO. Has the west broken its promises by expanding NATO east? Yes. Has the west bungled its diplomacy to Russia? Yes. They offered Putin nothing. That was a fail. Does some of the blame go to the president of Ukraine, for refusing to confirm that Ukraine won’t join NATO?

Probably, yes. However, does any of that justify this war? No.

“A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” But what’s the real reason that forced Russia to invade Ukraine?

After talking to war experts, geopolitical  experts, Historians etc. we got to know that it might be because of many reasons like,

1)            Ukraine joining NATO (A country which used to be a part of the Soviet Union)

2)            Nazi ideology in Ukraine (Yes ! There are Nazis in Ukraine )

3)            A possible future attack on Russia by the west or NATO.

Yes , these are the 3 main reasons why Russia invaded Ukraine (still invading).

On the subject of responsibility and what is reasonable.

Let’s understand this with an example : Would the USA accept Canada joining a pro-China, anti-US alliance? No, they would not. So why is Russia, Ukraine and NATO any different? It’s the same thing. If America was in place of Russia, America would do the same. Now Russia has invaded Ukraine, and the west is just putting  Sanctions on Russia, trying to boycott, isolate Russia from this world . Guess what ? All these sanctions and egotistical decisions by the west can eventually provoke Russia even more than before. It’s like putting fuel to fire .

The world is forgetting about the sacrifices made by the soviets in World war 2.

A shocking 3 million soviets died in WW2 , including the 12 million troops. And what did Soviet Union got ? Nothing.

In fact, in 1991, Soviet Union was directly disintegrated  into 15 countries by the western powers, and Ukraine is among  those 15 countries . The reasons behind the collapse of the Soviet Union was due the political & economical changes made by America to harm & weaken the Soviets. Americans & Soviets were involved in a Cold War, and the conflict between the 2 giants was quite egotistical.

Soviet Union collapsed, America came up as a new superpower.

The most shocking fact is to see Nazi Ideology is Ukraine. Yes , this is true that there is a separate military group of Nazis in Ukraine . As we all know that Nazism was full of Racism , there’s no way to keep such ideology created by Adolf Hitler in existence!

People are literally following Nazism (being a Nazi) in Ukraine .Russia is not just fighting for itself , but also for the world !

By:- Saar Anand


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