Indresh Kumar met the representatives of Muslim Countries… War on violence, bigotry, Emphasis on world peace & development


New Delhi, 3 February 2023 (IANS) RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, senior Sangh leaders Indresh Kumar, Dr. Krishna Gopal and Ram Lal have been meeting Muslim intellectuals for some time now. In particular, Indresh Kumar has been working for more than 20 years to ignite nationalism among Muslims across the country. Now in this episode a new exercise was seen in the capital, Delhi. Whereas, India and a dozen Muslim countries have started a new campaign in the biggest ever non-governmental exercise. In this, unity in diversity, harmony, cooperation, education, culture, literature, coordination, religious restraint and respect and trade have been emphasized.

Gathering of foreign guests

Diplomats, high commissioners, scholars and intellectuals from a dozen Muslim countries participated in the international seminar on JNU soil under the leadership of senior Sangh leader Indresh Kumar. Those who attended included Iraj Elahi from Iran, Firat Sonal from Turkey, Lukmon Baba Kolajdeh from Tajikistan, Nurlan Zalgaisbaev and Habibullo Mirzozoda from Kazakhstan, Asin Isaev from Kyrgyzstan, Dilsod Akhmatov and Aziz Bartoun from Uzbekistan, Shalar Geldinjarov from Turkmenistan, Ganbold from Mongolia. Dambajav, Armen Martirosyan from Armenia, Farid Mamundzai from Afghanistan and Ashraf Shikhaliyev from Azerbaijan participated. Iraj Elahi, Darkhan Setanov, Habibullo Mirzojoda, Aziz Baratov and Ijjender Ataliyev were the main speakers. Everyone agreed that India, our elder brother, should go ahead and play the role of Vishwaguru. On this, Indresh Kumar clarified that our concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is to treat everyone as a family. India is a country full of diversities and if diversities are differentiated, controversies will arise.

Ambassadors, High Commissioners and representatives of more than 50 participants of 12 countries demanded that a chartered mission document, which can also be called a vision document, be prepared on the entire program under the leadership of Sangh leader Indresh Kumar. The RSS leader happily accepted the proposal and took the responsibility of making the mission document and in the end, after two days of discussion and intense brainstorming, all the points were kept point by point, on which everyone agreed with the thunderous applause of the mission document.

In the seminar, Dr. Subhash Sarkar, Minister of State, Government of India and Iqbal Singh Lalpura, Chairman, National Commission for Minorities, Indira Gandhi Kala Kendra Secretary, Prof. Sachidanand Joshi, General Secretary of Rashtriya Suraksha Jagran Manch, Golok Bihari and Convener of International Seminar Prof. from Jamia Millia Islamia. M Mahtab Alam Rizvi also participated. Under the joint aegis of Himalaya Hind Rashtra Group, Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS) and School of Language Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, a two-day international seminar was held at the Convention Center of JNU on the topic of historical, cultural and economic links between India and Central Asia.

Speaking exclusively to IANS, Indresh Kumar  answered the following Questions….

If we talk about terrorism, how we can end terrorism from the country which is came down in graph but yet seen in many places ?

Terrorism is the enemy of peace, development, harmony and humanity. Bombs, ammo, shells, bullets or stones are not the solution to any problem. He said that there is no place for anti-social things like terrorism, Maoism, Naxalism in any civilized society, so everyone should unite and strongly oppose it. All the countries present strongly welcomed the words of the union leader and promised to play their role in it. The delegates said that they will not allow it to flourish in their countries and also appeal to the world that all countries should unite against terrorism.

Is religion becoming an issue in harmony ?

It was also agreed in the seminar that criticizing religion, scriptures, religious places, religious importance, religious great men i.e. goddesses, deities, prophets, prophets… creates violence and anarchy which is condemnable. That’s why all religions should follow their own religion and should not disrespect other religions, thus keeping the path of peace, unity, brotherhood and harmony.

Conversion is becoming an issue in society that is also rising hatred  for one community, what is your stand on it?

The Chief Patron of Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS) said that it is necessary to stop religious conversions for world peace and development. Riot-free humanity and a proud nation can be made from this. Appreciating this statement of the union leader, the representatives of all the countries present unitedly protested against the conversion and believed that religious frenzy, molestation and conversion is the path of unrighteousness and should be strictly banned.

We heard in seminar peace and harmony can not be established with India, please elaborate?

It was discussed in the seminar that the path of world peace and progress passes through Asia and peace and harmony cannot be established in the world without India. All the countries also approved the proposal that all the present countries should increase cooperation and coordination among themselves. Indresh Kumar said that this would increase mutual dialogue, art, education, literature, culture and business. It was also agreed that in addition to the air route, mutual unity and integrity should be promoted through road and sea routes.

Seminar also mention about Digital word…

Today is the era of digital, things get expanded in a second. In such a situation, it is also important that for the purpose of increasing dialogue, cooperation and trade at a rapid pace, a lot of work should be done on digital powers to sweeten the relations of the countries participating in the program.

At the end of the seminar, ambassadors, high commissioners, representatives and intellectuals of all the countries present with lit candles chanted in one voice, “Andhakar Mitayenge, Prakash Layenge”. Not hatred, riot, war but peace, harmony, brotherhood and development”.

Among the special guests present, Dean JNU Prof. Mazhar Asif, R.D.F.I.H. Director Mahesh Chandra Sharma, Lt Gen (retd) R.K. N. Singh, Major General (Retd) S Bhattacharya and many other dignitaries were present. The speciality was that people from north to south, east to west of the country participated in the seminar and added glory to the international seminar. People from every religion, community, class and section of the society were among those who participated. A large number of Muslim intellectuals participated in the meeting. A natural reason for which was the participation of more than 50 foreign guests including ambassadors, high commissioners and representatives of a dozen Muslim countries. In the two-day seminar, about a thousand people listened to all the issues with great interest and applauded the speakers.


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